What Can I Do with healthcare.ai?

  • Automate ML pre-processing tasks.
  • Create and compare models based on your data.
  • Learn which factors drive risk.
  • Fill in missing data via imputation.
  • Save and deploy a model.
  • Connect easily to databases.

How Is it Tailored to Healthcare?

  • Practical algorithms suitable for many healthcare applications.
  • Algorithm and hyperparameter choices make models accurate and easy to train.
  • Model training and deployment designed with common healthcare IT in mind.
  • Data analysts, which are ubiquitous in healthcare, can now build models and data scientists are made more efficient.

How Do I Get Started?

Healthcare.ai is available in packages for both R and Python, two of the most common languages used by data scientists. If you don’t have previous experience with either language, we recommend the R package as it currently has more features and R is more newbie-friendly.

The buttons below will take you to the documentation which includes installation instructions, feature references, as well as hints and tips.

Watch Our Getting Started Video