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Level 2: Choosing / Building Predictive Models

We help you choose, build, or optimize from hundreds of predictive models.

Predictive analytics is the most common use of augmented intelligence (AI) in healthcare analytics. Predictive models have proliferated to meet a wide variety of needs. Vendors have seeded the market by packaging predictive models as self-service tools because it is inexpensive for them and the revenue has been high. However, without expert guidance in either selecting or calibrating these tools, self-service predictive models have many challenges and pitfalls when trying to apply them to fit the specifics of local healthcare organizations.

As a result, our Healthcare.AI offering provides expert guidance to help you choose, calibrate, or custom develop the predictive model optimized for your organization and business need.

  • We start with hundreds of publicly available or custom developed predictive models from which to choose.
  • We help you choose, calibrate, or build the optimal predictive model for your situation.
  • We help you validate the predictive model and optimize the impact within your organization.

Our approach ensures that you get the best predictive model with the greatest likelihood of demonstrating results.

Hundreds of Supported Predictive Models

We have catalogued many predictive models using a modified Gartner Analytics Ascendancy.

  • Prescriptive
  • Predictive
  • Diagnostic
  • Descriptive

View hundreds of predictive models we support.

See more detailed information on publicly available predictive models, including:

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