ML #14 - A Day In the Life of a Data Scientist

Hosted by Mike Mastanduno and Taylor Larsen

May 25, 2017 - 20min

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Some have asked us what we do as data scientists during a typical week. Our work is very inspiring to us personally and we hope you can learn from us. So, in this next broadcast, we'll chat about a day-in-the-life for us. We’ll discuss more about the projects we are managing over time, the way we break the word down into daily work and the way that we roll work up to deliver results to health system clients. We’ll talk about the assignment of work done by those on our team with specific skill sets and we’ll talk about performance management of work across a team. Whether you are managing a group currently, considering building a team, or hoping to work in a machine learning group, we hope you’ll be able to learn a few things from us. Though we've touched on data science careers and education paths in the past, this week, you will be able to take a walk in our shoes and of course we have lots to learn from the community, so we hope you can join us to share what is working for you.

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